El equipo de ¡Que Movida! comunica a sus oyentes que deja de emitir el  programa por decisión propia.  Nuestro blog, con lo mejor del ocio, cine, televisión, juegos, música, libros y mucho mas, continuara activo y actualizando todos sus contenidos, así que ya sabes no dejes de visitarnos en

Os mantendremos informados sobre futuras nuevas emisiones en otras emisoras.



  1. Porfas tengo un problem…Quiero ganar plata.Pero pongo el código(o sea Motherlode)y no pasa nada ¿Pruebo con Kaching?Porfis es urgente!!!!

  2. holas

  3. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the first ever footage of the new MINI Roadster in action, then today’s the day. Much like its MINI Coupé brother in arms, this car isn’t fit for routine. Even when flying down the wide-open highway, top down and spoiler flared, its firebrand soul still wanders the cobblestoned backalleys of the evening prior in some lesser-known locale.

    This debut film was shot on the history-laden streets of Istanbul. Emmy-nominated director Peter Berg (Hancock, Very Bad Things) announces the newest player on the MINI line-up with sophisticated calm in the face of adventure. Caught under a morning sun that seems to have come up a little sooner than expected, the MINI Roadster emerges from the dusty heart of the Bosporus capital to eventually discover the kind of smooth early morning drive we all fantasize about. Want a taste of that dream? Watch and enjoy.

    Whether cruising the superhighways of the Occident or the ancient marauding trails of the Orient, the new 2-seat drop-top MINI Roadster stands at the ready. We’re excited about the news, and hope you’ll share it with your readers.

    Watch the film here:

  4. In the quest for driving bliss, the new MINI Roadster refuses to take a back seat.

    You’ve seen the new MINI Roadster darting through the snaking alleys of Istanbul, but that was just the beginning. After what appears to be an evening only the most adventurous imagination can explain, Emmy-nominated director Peter Berg (Hancock, Very Bad Things) sets the stage for a very precarious MINI cliffhanger twist. Suspense too much to handle? Watch now.

    Charging to the front of the pack, the new MINI Roadster offers a finely distilled blend of comfort and exhilaration. But careful. This 2-seat drop-top is an accomplice for more daring exploits just as much as everyday adventures.

    A brand new ride has hit the scene with a style all its own, so be the first to share the word with your readers.

    “Another Day. Another Adventure.” Meet the new MINI Roadster.

    Your MINI Space Team

    Watch the new film here:


    First driving footage:

    Learn more:

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