Posteado por: isidrocdc360 | septiembre 11, 2008

Nuevo pack PGR4 + 12 Meses Live + Messenger Kit

El precio rondaria los 70$ al cambio al euro como siempre 70€ si llega a confirmarse otro gran pack ( junto al del HDD de 60G que esta por salir )

Esta informacion viene del ” GameStop Expo ” que se celebro en las vegas y por ahora mantengamoslo como rumor.

¿ Fecha ? Otoño del 2008.

Poor PGR4. I think it’s easily this generation’s best driving game, but it was dropped onto the market and left to die by Microsoft, and then ignored by pundits during the Christmas 07 rush. So sad. It deserved better! Much better than the fate that awaits it this Christmas, with reports coming out of the GameStop Expo indicating the game will be crammed in a box with 12 months of Xbox Live and the 360 chatpad and stuffed in stockings for $70. Which, actually…OK, that’s a good deal. Especially if – and shame on you – you missed the game first time around.



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